Are you thinking of buying a used pool table from a private party?

Here are a few things to look for:

Is it a slate table? 
                                            You want slate!!!

Why, because it adds weight to the table to keep it stationary while playing and it is flat!

If so is it 1pc or 3pc or more?

                    3pc + oversized is better!!!

Why, because 1pc slate lack holes to screw it to frame, therefore it is nearly impossible to make it completely level. Oversized means the rails bolt through the slate not a liner of the frame, gives better rail response.

How does the cloth look?
                                    Holes or stains?

Can be reused if it is in good condition, grated it is removed properly. Any small holes or tears will get bigger with the restretch.

How do the bumpers feel?
          Too soft...BAD!! Too Hard...BAD!!

This is what most people overlook. When you squeeze the rail (bumper) it should depress in and return to its original position as soon as you release it. Can't squeeze it, Or stays "mushed" ?? = BAD!! Takes at least a day to do correctly and adds $200+ to job. So squeeze away before buying!!!

How are the pockets?
                              Are the nets ripped?

Can replace nets if the tops are good for around $100 a set or if all is needed they run $225 + for leather pockets. Plastics vary pending style of pocket.

What does the wood look like?
                              Any major damage?

Being 75% of the visible product you want to make sure there are no major scraps or gauges. We don't offer woodrefinishing services at this time, other than scratch touch up.

How do I get it home and set up?
                                   That is what we do!!

While you certainly don't have to use us, we do recommend someone who has at the very minimum 5 years or more hands on experience. Someone who specializes and only works on pool tables and is licensed and insured, to protect you just in case something should go wrong.

Pool Table services we provide......

We do fix most problems we see for free during service. If something needs to be replaced we can certainly take care of it during service also. This list is designed to save you money by knowing what to look for while shopping for a used table, to help you avoid spending more than you need too.

Buying used can be tricky.
We recommend in no real order.

  • Olhausen (1994-2005 models or earlier)
  • Connelly (Any really)
  • AMF (Most models)
  • Peter Vitalie (Solid Built)
  • Brunswick (Older Models preferred)
  • Proline (Most Models)

Still not sure??
Ask a Pro!