Most frequently asked questions

  • Q. How long have you been doing this?
    • A. It will be 25 years for Paul in 3/2013
  • Q. Are you Insured?
    • A. Yes we carry a general liability policy through Colony Ins. policy # GL3553192
  • Q. Are you bonded?
    • A. No, A bond is for stolen property. We do not steal from our customers!!
  • Q. Are you licensed?
    • A. While there's no special license like for a "contractor or plumber",  we do have a city issued business license # B2001010634 
  • Q. How soon can you be at my house?
    • A. We can usually get to you within a week or less! Sometimes next day or even the same day!!
  • Q. What happens if something breaks during a service?
    • A. We either fix it or replace it! But we generally don't break things.
  • Q. Do I need new cloth if you move my table?
    • A. No, but if you wanted to change colors now is the time you'll save $100 or more.
  • Q. Do you take my table apart to move it?
    • A. Yes, all moves  from house to house are dissasembled for safety, your table and ours.
  • Q. What is the difference between a 1pc or 3pc slate?
    • A. Aside from the # of actual pieces a 1pc. is under sized and usually has no holes in it for screws to anchor it down. A 3pc. is over sized so the rails bolt through the slate (better) and not the frame. 3pc also has holes in each piece to anchor it to the frame (which helps to level).
  • Q. How much room do I need for a table?
    • You need roughly 5 feet around the table for a standard cue length of 57". See room sizes needed for a pool table.
  • Q. Do you give any discounts to........?

If you have any other questions I may not have answered please feel free to 
email me and ask!